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Florida Homeowners! Cover Your Assets


We will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have.

For Sale By Owner is difficult enough, and it can be overwhelming to navigate this complex world without an agent by your side. Just because you are selling your home without an agent does not mean you have to go through this process alone! Turn to us for top-notch service and a human approach to help you navigate the many pitfalls of a real estate transaction, it is very easy to make a potentially costly mistake, or leave yourself open to legal action.

We go the extra mile to ensure your transaction is handled professionally

When selling real estate in Palm Beach Florida, there are many issues that must be addressed on time as well as specialized paperwork required. When you are doing everything on your own, the last thing you want is for an offer to fall through because you missed a critical deadline involving your contract. Many FSBO sellers find themselves in over their heads all too quickly.

Do you know which disclosures are required by Florida? Do you know if your contract is legal? Do you know which documents and records must be provided to the buyer? When you work with Christine Matus PA, you do not have to know everything, we do.

We take pride in our ability to help Palm Beach homeowners through this complex and stressful process. As you undertake this challenge, we will help you through the process and ensure the transaction is state complaint without the help of a real estate agent. We will help to mitigate the risks of selling a home FSBO, so you can rest easy knowing there will be no issues that come back on you down the road.

A Transaction Coordinator can be an invaluable asset when you sell your own Florida home

  •  We will provide you with a sales contract
  •  We will create a timeline and remind all parties of these important due dates.
  •  We will log all communication involving all parties in the transaction.
  •  We will track and process paperwork and disclosures.
  •  We will ensure compliance with every contract term.
  •  We will provide a daily report, if need be so you can stay on top of every detail.
  •  We will help resolve any title issues.
  •  We will make selling your home less stressful!

FSBO Transaction Coordination in Palm Beach County is $1,000

We recommend the seller & buyer split the fee 

We are paid at closing by the title company

$200 non-refundable deposit to start.

If contract cancels, there is another non-refundable deposit to start with a new buyer

We perform many of the tasks a Realtor would at a fraction of the traditional 6% commission.  We are not a replacement for the full services a Realtor provides, and we will not be acting in an agent capacity. We will assist you, guide you and explain the process while making sure all the details for the seller and the buyer stay on track.

Should you decide you want to use a Realtor, We are happy to refer someone top notch with no obligation. While Christine Matus PA is a licensed agent she do not actively list/sell properties.